Is this how you feel?

You have spent hours browsing furniture, but are still unsure what to buy?

You think that interior design is important with products that really work together?

You want to reduce the risk of buying products you don't love?

You want to invest in quality pieces in your home, but want to make sure you get a good deal?

Shop like an interior designer with Groms

Timeless Pieces that work together

We help your find timeless pieces that work together in your home with our cohesive lifestyle collections, shop-the-room technology and professional advice


Quality, Comfort and Durability

We help you experience the exquisite quality, comfort and durability of our products through our product information, expert Use and Comfort product ratings and our product advisors on call. We reduce the risk with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Volume Pricing

We offer the same price to volume customer and trade through our shop-the-room pricing


How we make it work

Focus on a limited number of timeless products from quality manufacturers.


Equal focus on room and product design

Focus on innovative and user friendly technology


Focus on serving key cities close to our customers to optimize logistics and delivery

What Customers Are Saying About Groms

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