We have brought together a team of interior design professionals to inspire and support your shopping and design experience. We call them Product Advisors

If you have any inquiries about Groms products or want suggestions based on your design needs, reach out to a Product Advisor. Our team of Advisors are equipped with extensive knowledge about all our products and would be happy to answer whatever questions you may have about your potential purchases.

We understand that furnishing your home involves making a series of impactful decisions, so it can be beneficial to have second opinions along the way. Using our interactive showrooms, you can collaborate with friends, family, or your Product Advisor to get design feedback and product suggestions in real time. 

Your Product Advisor will be the concierge of your home design experience, dedicated to fulfilling your requests and managing your order from discovery through delivery to assure that you have an engaging and enjoyable experience designing with Groms.

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