Modern Table Lamps: How to Finish the Room with Perfection

Modern table lamps are the perfect way to finish off a room with style while adding light at the same time. Table lamps are more than just a way to brighten up a room, they can also act as a statement piece that really allows you to finish the room off with perfection. And while finding the perfect modern table lamp might seem easy enough, it can actually be pretty overwhelming just because there are so many options out there.

The best place to start is to find a reputable and quality furniture store that you love, like Groms, and then browse their selection to find your perfect piece. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a modern table lamp to help you find the perfect one for your room...

Size and Height

The first thing that you need to look at when trying to find a modern table lamp is the height and overall size of the lamp. First, you will need to know where you will be placing the lamp – whether on a side table, console table, desk, nightstand, dresser, or another piece of furniture. The height of the lamp is one of the most important things to consider when buying a table lamp, and if the height is off, it can cause the whole room to feel off. Here are some general rules of thumb that you should follow when considering the height of a contemporary table lamp:

  • Overall, you want the total height of the piece of furniture and the lamp to be between 58” and 64”.
  • If you have a shorter table, you will want to find a taller lamp. If you have a taller table, you will want to find a shorter lamp.
  • If you have high ceilings, you might want to find a taller lamp to help fill that space.

Besides the height of a table lamp, you also need to pay attention to the size. You obviously don’t want your lamp to hang off the sides of the table – so make sure to find one that fits on the top of the table and preferably has room to spare so that you can place other things on the piece as well. However, just because you have a circular accent table doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy a lamp with a circular base – the same goes for square or rectangular tables as well. These are just things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for a modern table lamp.


The next thing that you need to look at when you are shopping for the perfect modern table lamp to finish your room is the lampshade. And while you might think that modern table lamps don’t have lampshades – that’s not necessarily the case! You can have a modern table lamp that still has a shade. Here are some things to know about finding the right modern lampshade:

  • When it comes to lampshade colors, it’s usually best to stick with the classic whites, ivories, tans and other linen shades. These colors are popular because they really allow the light from the bulb to shine through, providing ample lighting to your space. However, you could also go with something a little bit more different and choose a black or navy lampshade to really make a statement with your lamp.
  • When it comes to lampshade shapes, we love the straighter styles like the drum shades or even the rectangular shape! These shapes provide really clean lines that will go well with your modern style.
  • You also want to find a lampshade that is the right size for the base of the lamp. One way to do this is to make sure that the diameter of the lampshade is no more than two inches less than the length of the base. You also want to make sure that the lampshade isn’t too tall for the base. To find the average height of a shade, measure the base of the lamp and divide it by three. These measurements will help to make sure that everything looks perfectly proportional within your room.


The best thing about modern table lamps is that there are so many different materials to choose from! This means that you can really have fun with it and find an accent lamp that will perfectly complete your space and complement your existing furniture. However, the first thing that you need to think about when choosing a material is its durability. For example, if you have kids and are placing the lamp in a high-traffic location, it might not be the best idea to purchase a ceramic or glass lamp. Instead, it might be better to purchase a metal lamp or a desk lamp that is heavier and won’t break as easily if it’s bumped into.

However, if you aren’t really concerned about the durability of a lamp – then you can really have fun and explore all of the different materials that table lamps come in. Which material is best for your room will depend on your style preferences and other details of your room, but here are some different material options to consider:

  • Wood: While you might think that wood isn’t very modern, there are certainly modern ways to do wooden table lamps! Whether it’s a driftwood style or a funky wooden piece, wood can be made modern with the right details -- especially on a wooden end table.
  • Metal: Metal is a very modern material that comes in a variety of different colors like gold, nickel, copper, bronze, chrome, iron, and brass finish. With all of these different colors, you are bound to find one that fits perfectly into your space.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain is a type of clay that is fired at a very high temperature and then glazed and painted to achieve really amazing looks.
  • Ceramic: Similar to porcelain, ceramic is also a type of clay that is molded but isn’t fired at the high temperature that porcelain is. Ceramic is a thicker material and looks heavier than the more delicate look of porcelain. A ceramic table lamp is a great piece in any room -- whether it be the entryway, dining room, living room, or home office!
  • Glass: A glass lamp is a really cool way to make a modern statement in your room. For a fun look, try colored glass or glass that is made to look like it’s shattered.
  • Stone: If you love earthy things, then why not incorporate that into your table lamp? Stones like marble are a really popular choice right now. You could also go more industrial and go with a concrete lamp base.
  • Terracotta: Terracotta is a type of clay that is typically unglazed and brownish-red in color. However, it can still be glazed and colored for a more modern look that is really durable.
  • Crystal: Crystal is a special material that provides a really glam look. There are so many different varieties and types of crystal table lamps that you are bound to find one that you love.


Color is the next thing that you need to think about when buying a modern table lamp. Many people choose to go with more neutral colors that kind of blend into the background of the room – but that doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, you can choose a beautiful modern design table light that is simple but also provides some color. Or you can go all the way and pick a statement lamp in a really bold color or choose a bold shade to really get everyone’s attention.


When it comes to actually placing your table lamp on the table, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Obviously you are buying a lamp to provide light, so you want to place it in a spot that it can provide the most light for the room.
  • You also want to make sure that you can actually reach your table lamp easily to turn it on and off, especially a bedside table. So put it somewhere that is accessible but not necessarily right in the middle of the action.
  • Mixing and matching table lamps is a great way to add light and character to a room. Or you could go with a table lamp set of the same lamps. However, make sure to not go too crazy with an overabundance of table lamps while neglecting other light sources like floor lamps.
  • One thing that a lot of people forget to think about is where they are going to plug in a table lamp. Make sure that your lamp’s location is near an outlet so you don’t have unsightly cords running all over the place.


The last thing that you need to know about how to use a modern table lamp to perfectly finish your room is that a table shouldn’t be finished with just a table lamp. You can add other home decor pieces to the table to really complete the room. Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm a small table with a bunch of extra things but if you have enough room then you should definitely add some more accessories to personalize your space. Some things that you might want to pair with modern lighting to complete the room are:

  • Candles
  • Magazines or books
  • Small potted plants or flowers
  • Picture frames
  • Decorative boxes

You also want to make sure that the light bulbs are right for the room and provide sufficient lighting that is also flattering. Some different types of light bulbs include led bulbs, halogen, incandescent, and dimmable bulbs.