Living Room Sofas: The Latest Trends for 2020

Your living room is probably the most important room in your house. And the couch is definitely the most important piece of your living room furniture. After your bed, you probably spend the most time on your couch out of all the different pieces in your house! Living room sofas range from loveseats, sleeper sofas, reclining sofas, sectional sofas, and futons to name a few! Comfortable upholstery is key when it comes to sofas, but you also want something that is the foundation of the entire room and that ties your home decor together. You also want to make sure that you buy a sofa that lasts and will stay in style since it’s usually a pretty big investment. That being said, you will want to purchase a sofa that’s on trend and that won’t quickly go out of style. So here are some of the latest trends for living room sofas in 2020 that you will definitely want to add to your living room:

Curved Lines

While really boxy sofas have been trendy in recent years, sofas that have curved lines are definitely in for 2020. Curved sofas give off a much softer and gentler feel than the rigid lines of boxy sofas. They just look more inviting and comfortable! Curved lines in living room sofas goes along with the larger revival of art deco that we are seeing across interior design. Another element of curved sofas that are especially popular this year involve asymmetrical lines. Having a curved sofa with asymmetrical lines allows you to make a statement with your furniture and act as a great conversation piece.

There are several different ways that you can style a curved sofa based on your personal design preferences. Since a curved sofa is part of the large art deco trend, you could base the rest of your living room set on that style. But if art deco isn’t your thing – you can still have a curved sofa! There are ways to incorporate a curved sofa into your room without going all into that style. You can pair the soft and curvy lines of your sofa with soft lines elsewhere throughout your room. Some nice circular side tables would pair nicely along with a curved coffee table, ottoman, or tv stand as well.

Warm Tones

Another trend that we are seeing for living room sofas in 2020 is warm tones. In the past few years, cool tones have ruled – gray being the king among all of them. However, people are starting to warm up their homes with inviting and delicious warm colors like reds, deep browns and oranges. This warming trend really goes along with people moving away from cold perfectionist designs and more towards warm, inviting, and more eclectic designs.

However, just because you have a warm toned sofa doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard with the warm color palette and incorporate warm walls, carpeting and rugs, and other accessories. Perhaps the best way to style a warm sofa in your living room is to pair it with things that are more neutral in color – like the walls and the flooring or an area rug. A really great way to tie the color of your sofa in with the rest of the room is actually through artwork (like wall decor or wall art) – so look for pieces that complement your sofa. You can also incorporate warm metal accents and accessories in gold – like gold floor lamps, wall art, wall decor, or metal accent tables. This is a great way to make your sofa the focal point of the room and it will be especially inviting with its warm, deep colors.

Jewel Tones

In the same vein as warm tones but with a bold and unique twist, jewel tones are also a big sofa trend that we are seeing in 2020. In fact, jewel tone fabric sofa sales have risen by over 600% recently and their popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Between emerald green, ruby red, blue sapphire, and purple amethyst – there’s no shortage of different jewel tones that you can incorporate into your living room through your sofa. Jewel tones are great because they are extremely sophisticated and can make your room look way more expensive than it actually is! Similar to warm tones, jewel toned sofas are a great way to make a statement in your living room and impress everyone with your design skill.

When it comes to utilizing jewel tones in your living room, there are a few rules that you need to follow to make sure that everything goes well together. Since jewel tones are sophisticated, you need to complement them with other sophisticated pieces and accents to really make the room feel complete. Another great thing that you can pair with jewel tones is warm metallics such as gold, bronze, and brass. You don’t have to go overboard when it comes to using metal in your living room, a few carefully chosen accessories will do the trick to help your room really shine.

Velvet Fabrics

Velvet fabrics have been trendy in clothing for many years now and it’s finally making its way into the latest interior design trends via upholstery! We especially see velvet as trending on living room sofas too because of its amazingly soft and luxurious feel. There’s nothing worse than a scratchy microfiber sofa or a stiff faux leather sofa - and some of these materials have been trendy in recent years. Thankfully, their time is now over and we are moving back towards soft sofas that you can really enjoy sitting on! After all, a living room sofa is such an important part of your home and you want to be able to actually use it. Another plus of having a velvet sofa is that the material is really made to last – so you are sure to get many years out of your sofa. And if cleaning is a concern, you should know that it’s actually really easy to clean velvet – all you need is a velvet cleaner and a nice brush to get out any spots that might appear.

Plus, you can combine the velvet trend with some of the other trends that we have already talked about! A jewel toned velvet sofa is the perfect addition to any living room that will provide an amazing anchor piece that doesn’t just look good, but feels good too!

Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas were popular for a while, seemed to go out of style a bit, but now they are definitely back in 2020. This is because piece sectionals and sectional sofas in general are just really practical – especially for smaller spaces that you want to get the most use out of. Plus, you can often get special offers on sectional sofas by purchasing them as part of living room furniture sets. And when we say sectional, we don’t necessarily mean a huge piece that has tons of different corners and takes up the whole room. In fact, the simple sectional with a single chaise on one end is always a good option that can help provide more seating areas in a smaller room while also being able to fill in awkward corners.

Overall, when it comes to a sectional you need to really consider your needs. If you have a larger family then obviously you will need a larger sectional. But sectionals definitely aren’t just for people with a large family – they can be for single people too who just want ample seating space in their living room for get togethers!

When shopping for a sectional, try looking for a piece that features slimmer legs so as to balance out the larger size of the piece. Another design feature for sectionals are pieces that don’t have legs at all and just sit on the ground. This is a more casual option while legs will give the piece a more formal and traditional feel.

Wooden Bases

While metallics are definitely still on trend in living rooms as we have previously discussed, one area that they aren’t as trendy now is on the legs and bases of living room sofas. Instead of metallic legs and bases for sofas as bold accents, we are seeing a return to more traditional wooden features in these areas. Wood is such a timeless feature that it’s bound to never go out of style and will definitely last on your living room sofa. Plus, odds are that you already have wooden furniture pieces in your home that will match the wooden bases of your sofa (such as a bookcase, dining table set, end tables, or sideboard).

Modular Sofas

Modular sofas are a huge trend that has come about in recent years and isn’t quitting in 2020! Now technically modular sofas can fall under sectionals but we think that modular sofas are a category all on their own. Modular sofas are so appealing because they are completely customizable and offer a level of functionality that’s hard to match. Life is always changing – and you want a sofa to be able to change along with it! You can create a unique set up for movie night, or set up around the coffee table, console table or entertainment center for game night – it’s totally up to you!

The best modular sofas come in durable fabrics that will hold the test of time through all different uses and functions. However, they should still be comfortable so that you want to spend time on them. Most modular sofas are unsurprisingly rather modular and boxy so it might be a good idea to soften it up with throw pillows and blankets to make an amazing hang out space for the whole family.