King Size Bedroom Sets: 5 Things to Know Before Buying Luxury

Nothing is worse than buying something and then realizing when you get home that it is not the right thing you were looking for. Am I right?! Even when you try to take the time to do your research and shop things around, you sometimes come up empty handed. Well the experience can be even more frustrating when the item you have purchased, transported home and realized it isn’t for you is furniture!!

Then you must deal with either comprising or having to return it. It is particularly disappointing when the furniture pieces you are buying is a high end king size bedroom set. Luckily for us there are companies out there like Groms, that strive to make it easy to create and personalize our homes with just the right touches. They have many different king bedroom sets for sale to choose from.

Although there are companies that are trying to make it easier to choose a king bedroom set, it still comes with it’s challenges. There are things you will want to look for once you decide to personalize your bedroom with a luxury king bedroom set.

1. Choose Furniture that Reflects Your Style

When looking at luxury high end bedroom sets for sale you want to choose a set that reflects your style. There are so many different styles out there but you surely won’t go wrong picking one of these three styles! These styles are timeless and will definitely be an amazing addition to your bedroom.

Formal Living with a Modern Touch

These types of bedroom sets tend to be influenced by classical architecture and modern design. These pieces will be formal, but still have a modern feel to them. These sets will have natural materials, clean lines and shapes, and smooth surfaces. You will often see sleek lines in this home decor. When looking at more modern king bedroom sets for sale you'll normally stick to more warm colors- tans, beige, and neutrals. You can always also add an espresso colored accent piece to your bedroom to give it a little pop if you feel like it needs a little something.

Urban Living with Mid-Century Influence

This style is influenced by urban architecture and mid-century modern design, it can be very fun and distinct. A vivid color palette will be used with strategic splashes of color. Along with warm contrasting materials and strong geometric forms. This style normally reflects a timeless eclectic design. You are able to add character and charm to this particular style by sprinkling in industrial and artistic accents.

Casual Living with Coastal Inspiration

This is probably my favorite out of the three styles we are covering. This style of high end bedroom collection is influenced by coastal architecture and natural materials. It uses materials like solid wood and stone to bring the outside elements in. The wood grain represents the type of wood you would find in a coastal town. A light color palette is normally associated with this style giving it a nice light and airy feel to it! It is often said that your bedroom should be a relaxing, calm oasis. With the tone that a coastal inspired bedroom set will achieve you will feel that you have your very own relaxed oasis smack dab in the middle of your bedroom!

2. Understanding the Importance of Quality

Considering that the luxury king size bedroom sets for sale that are out are not easy on the budget, it is essential to understand the importance and value of picking a quality bedroom set. Your bedroom is the place you go to escape the stresses of your life. It is your safe place, where you can unwind and rest and wake up feeling refreshed. It is the place where you will spend the majority of your time, whether it be awake or resting, so you should not skimp on the furniture that will furnish this room. This is why the quality of the bedroom set is so significant. You want to make sure that the king size bedroom sets for sale you have in mind are made by companies that test against high standards of quality and design.

3. Working with the Size of the Room

Looking at the ratio of room-to-furniture is a necessary step in searching for luxury king bedroom sets. There has to be a balance between the furniture and the size of the room. You would not want to put a puny sized bedroom set in the middle of a luxurious open feeling bedroom. On that same note you need to be cautious of not purchasing a bedroom set that is too big for your space. You definitely do not want to be having to cram furniture into your bedroom.

While you are on your shopping journey you may picture a particular bedroom set in your room but not take into factor if it will make it into your house. That is why it’s comforting to shop with companies like Groms that have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to try their bedroom sets in-home with no risks or headaches! They have a product detail section for all the pieces of the bedroom set so you can check clearance dimensions for the doorways or any tight corners you may need to get around. That's just another way they are trying to make furniture shopping a little easier on us!

4. Should You Go With a Matched Set or Mix and Match?

This topic is a little contentious, well that is if you take your bedroom furniture seriously I should say! And I think that if you’re this deep into this article you are taking the time you're spending choosing from the king size bedroom sets for sale that are out there pretty seriously! Or at least a little bit ;) In all seriousness, deciding whether you want a matched set or to purchase a mix and match set is actually pretty important because it can really set or alter the tone of your bedroom. Bedroom furniture sets typically include, a bed set, 2 nightstands, dresser, dresser mirror, and sometimes a bookcase. In some bedrooms a matched set looks great, but in more casual styles, if you match too much it can make the room stifling or boring. We definitely want to stay far away from that look!

You can instead, choose a variety of pieces that compliment each other but do not perfectly match. If you are choosing your king size bedroom set with your significant other, this is a great way of compromising and trying to let both of your personalities come through in your bedroom set. Or if you just can’t decide which style best fits your personality, mixing and matching can be the right choice for you. There are luxury brands out there that have king size bedroom sets for sale that can be broken up and purchased individually, allowing you to mix and match while not compromising on quality or luxury.

5. Bed Options

There are several different options of beds available when looking at king size bedroom sets for sale. Your choices are endless. But before you fall head over heels in love with a specific style of bed, you really should give some thought to what kind of headboard and footboard would be best for you. Are you and/or your significant other very tall and need a low footboard to give your long legs room to stretch? Do you have a window that a high headboard would interfere with or clash with a certain design or decorative idea you have for above your bed? You should take a step back and look at the room you're purchasing the king size bedroom set for and see which type would fit best. Some boards come with either a headboard or a footboard, some have both. Some have upholstery or a tufted headboard to add comfort and some are have an oak finish or are wood to fit in with the styling of the room. It’s important to know which type would be best for your room before you start shopping.

There are a considerable number of different bed options when looking at king size bedroom sets for sale. You can choose from sleigh beds, storage beds, platform beds, panel beds, canopy beds and many more! The styles they come in are all very different letting you put together the look you are going for, from modern to traditional to contemporary.

Another detail that is sometimes overlooked but is very important is buying the right boxspring for your bed. It should be able to support the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it.

Don’t Forget to Make it Fun!

Choosing a new king size bedroom set should be a fun experience! You are getting to decorate a space in your home home that should serve as a sanctuary for you. You should take your time and carefully consider your options when you are looking at luxury king size bedroom sets. This is a purchase that you will have for many years to come. And with the price tag that is typically associated with these bedroom sets, it is not a decision that should be made lightly! But as long as you do your research and shop from a reputable company you should be good to go!