How Do You Mix and Match Bedroom Sets?

When it comes to mixing and matching bedroom sets, there are a few different kinds of people. Some relish at the thought of being able to use their creativity to make a bedroom, whether it's the master bedroom or the guest bedroom, that’s 100% their own. Others feel intimidated like they’ll never be able to create something beautiful. So how do you mix and match bedroom sets? It’s a lot easier than you may think.

We’re going to give you our top tips for unique, creative ways to mix and match bedroom sets. We want to help you create a bedroom that is truly your own and matches your sense of style. There are a lot of ways you can do this, but we will try to cover as many as we can here.

We will discuss how to mix and match bedroom furniture, how to mix and match bedding, and how to bring that all together to create a cohesive room style that is all your own.

How Do You Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

The first thing you have to choose when designing your dream bedroom is what furniture you will use. Many people are accustomed to purchasing furniture in sets. You can buy a bed, tables, dresser, and chairs that all match perfectly.

This is a fine option, but it can be a little boring for some people, especially those who like to work their own creativity into the design of their space. Another option is to take pieces from multiple collections and mix and match them together

This is more challenging, of course, but it helps create a space that is completely of your own design and unlike anything you’ll find in someone else’s room. This is a big draw for many people. Our interactive showroom is a great tool for see what dresser and nightstands that work together with your favorite bed.

If you choose to go this route, there are three primary things you want to watch for when you mix and match bedroom furniture.


When choosing bedroom furniture from different sets, the first thing you should consider is the texture of each piece. Consider whether you’re going with wood, upholstery, percale, metal, or another material entirely. Each will have its own distinct look and feel, affecting the space differently.

However, that isn’t to say that you can’t choose to use multiple materials. In fact, we encourage it—as long as it's done correctly.

You need to carefully consider how you’re going to mix and match different bedroom set materials. Each piece can be a different material, but they should complement each other rather than fighting against each other.

If your bed is made of wicker and wood, it may be an odd choice to pair that with an industrial metal nightstand. However, something like a white lacquer may be an excellent choice. This just comes down to your individual taste and style. Try mixing and matching a few different types of pieces until you find something you love.

Style and Tone

Another thing to consider when combining pieces of bedroom furniture is their style. Are you going for something incredibly sleek and modern? Or are you trying to create a cozy farmhouse environment? The choices you make with your furniture will affect the tone of the room.

Similarly to texture, you don’t have to stick with just one style. If you have a super modern bed, a rustic, vintage dresser may complement that beautifully.

For example, this Shields Upholstered Bed pairs wonderfully with this light, honey-finished oak dresser from Groms.

One thing to be careful of here is mixing different woods. Using multiple wood finishes isn’t always a bad idea, but you should be careful with it. Typically, you want to avoid having two different wood finishes that are similar. Interior design experts suggest layering contrasting wood colors if you are going to have more than one wood finish. For example, find a headboard that's a finished white wood and contrast it with dark gray nightstands.

If you have two dark finishes that are just slightly different, they are not going to pair well together. However, you can often pair a dark wood with a lighter wood or a white with another finish. Just ensure that they pair well together rather than vying for your attention.


It may go without saying for some people, but it’s worth briefly addressing. Keep color in mind when you mix and match bedroom sets. The biggest thing to remember is that you don’t want different colors in the room competing for your attention.

If you have red curtains, a green dresser, and an orange leather chair, your eyes won’t know where to look or what to think. Instead, consider making most of the room neutral and muted colors. This allows you to choose a bright, vibrant color for one of your pieces and have it really stand out.

In contrast, you could also go for a minimalist design, using all black and white. This can create a stark contrast and really bring some elegance to an otherwise unnoteworthy room.

When you add a color to your bedroom, like with the Tara Lounge Chair, you should consider repeating the color elsewhere. 

How Do You Mix and Match Bedding Sets

In addition to mixing and matching furniture from different bedroom sets, you can also combine different pieces of bedding. There are a number of creative ways you can do this, but these are some of our preferred ways.

Swap Out the Standard Pillow Shams From Your Bedding

This is an easy one, but it can make a huge difference in the way your room looks. Most people have a primary and a backup set of bed sheets and pillows. Why not take the pillowcases from one set and swap them with the other? This may not work in every case, but it’s an easy way to create some contrast and intrigue in the design.

This can work especially well if you have a fairly neutral set of bed linen sheets and comforter or duvet cover but have some colorful shams. It can really make the bed set pop in a way that it otherwise would not.

If you don’t have any interesting shams, you can always go purchase some, as well. Buying just pillowcases is a lot cheaper than purchasing an entirely new bedding set. However, it can make your existing set feel like new! Consider sprucing things up with some throw pillows too!

Mix and Match Textures from Multiple Bedding Sets

We talked about texture when we discussed bedroom furniture, and it applies with your bedding, as well. For example, you could combine silky-smooth sheets with complimentary bed skirt, and a heavy, rough throw blanket like Norwood from Groms. This combination of textures breathes some life into an otherwise boring design.

Combine Neutral Bedroom Sets with Colorful Pieces

In addition to swapping out pillowcases, you can also add color in other ways. Look into a full color scheme or color palette to give you some inspiration. Try choosing a sheet and duvet set that is almost completely neutral. You can go with something grey, beige, or white for this.

You can then add in a bright-colored pillow or blanket on top. Just make sure this matches the rest of the furniture in your bedroom, as you don’t want it to create a clash or unpleasant contrast.

Other Tips to Mix and Match Bedroom Sets

Another thing we recommend is to add a unique piece of furniture to your bedroom lineup. In many bedrooms, you’ll see a bed, nightstands, and a dresser. Why not throw in a cabinet or shelving unit?

The Avoca Cabinet is a gorgeous piece that you can use to store clothing or whatever else you want to. Groms also has a bunch of shelving units and bookcases you could use. Instead of housing your book collection in your office, why not move it to the bedroom?

If you have a fairly minimalist or neutral design, adding a bookcase could be a great idea. You can even organize your books by color and use that to serve as your vibrant pop in the room.

If you have a big enough bedroom, you could add a few chairs and a small table. This could be a great spot to have your morning coffee or get some reading done while the house is still mostly asleep.

Using Wall Art as a Part of Your Bedroom Set

Many people don’t think about it, but a great piece of wall art can really tie a room together. Take inventory of the bedroom furniture that you have and the bedding you’ve chosen to see what kind of art may suit the room.

Maybe you go for a black-and-white sketch of the blueprints of your home city. That can complement a more neutral, minimal aesthetic. Or, if you’re trying to bring some color to the room, find a piece of modern art that you really love.

The walls are an often under-utilized space, so take advantage of all that real estate. If you can’t find a piece of art you love, consider installing some wall shelves. You can use these to display your favorite books, decor, or anything else you want to show off.

How Do You Mix and Match Bedroom Sets?

As you can see, when it comes to how do you mix and match bedroom sets, it’s a lot easier than you may think. Just remember to keep these things in mind when combining different pieces:

  • Texture
  • Style
  • Color

In addition, keep trying out different combinations. Sometimes, matching two pieces together works a lot better than you would have expected. You really need to see them together in order to make a decision.

Whatever pieces you choose, make sure they complement your style. That is the most important thing. If you’re going to mix and match bedroom sets, you want to create a room that is 100% you—not just a copy of what someone else thinks you should do.