Accent Chairs for Small Spaces

If you have a smaller space and struggle with providing enough seating for guests, an accent chair might be the perfect solution! But not only do accent chairs provide extra seating, but they can also act as a way to add depth, dimension, and style to your living room. Even though it might be tempting to just go out and buy the first accent chair that catches your eye, you need to put a little bit of thought and planning into it to ensure that you really buy the best piece for your space. Thankfully, we’ve made it easy for you with everything you need to know about accent chairs for small spaces.

The best thing about accent chairs is you really get the opportunity to define your style. Accent chairs make for the ultimate hybrid we’re all here for.

Our three collections are all about combining the most ideal traits to really define the lifestyle of a space:

  • Our Hamptons Collection breathes casual, natural comfort. With lighter palettes of whites and beiges combined with weathered wood finishes and organic materials, the right accent chair will contribute to a relaxed feel that still carries elegance.
  • Our Downtown Collection has a much more modern feel, with color schemes of stones, greys, and bold accents, particularly those of industrial inspiration. An accent chair for this lifestyle should be warm, with wood finishes and iron, bronze, and brass accents being a plus--this will pair nicely with the leather and mid-century modern pieces that anchor the rest of the room.
  • Our Uptown Collection carries a modern yet formal, streamlined sense of craftsmanship that brings luxurious upholstery and high finishes. Brass and nickel accents alongside grey and dark wood are the perfect traits for an accent chair in this style.

With an accent chair, you can have your modern look with a touch of formal. Accent chairs are meant to be fun, but it’s important to not go overboard as you can risk taking away the wow factor that an accent chair is meant to give off, especially in small spaces. This can be a challenge, but between our collections and this accent guide, you’ll be set up for success.


The first thing that you need to think about when it comes to accent chairs for small spaces is the size of the chair. Obviously, since you are dealing with a smaller space you don’t want to get a huge accent chair that will totally overwhelm the room. Here are some tips so that you can find the right size accent chair for your small space:

  • Start by taking the measurements of the room in general to get a good feel of the overall space available.
  • Then take general measurements of the space where you want to place the accent chair. That way, when you find a chair you like, you can compare it with those measurements to see if it would be a good fit or not.
  • Finally, measure the height of the other seating options in the room. you will want to find a chair that is around the same height as the sofa, loveseat, or sectional so that everything feels balanced.
  • Make sure to add in some space around the chair so that you don’t have to squeeze into or between the chair and other pieces of furniture, like coffee tables, sofas, and end tables.


Even though you may already have a picture in your mind of the ideal accent chair, there are actually a wide variety of different chair types out there – maybe there are even some that you’ve never heard of before or even considered! So before you go out and buy the first chair you see, explore some of these different types of accent chairs:

  • Armchair: An armchair is probably one of the first things that you picture when you think “accent chair." Armchairs are definitely popular because of their comfortable armrests and are a great place to cozy up for a conversation or a movie.
  • Slipper chair: A slipper chair looks just like an armchair, it's just armless! This makes it look substantially smaller – making it a great fit for tight spaces.
  • Side chair: A side chair is similar to a slipper chair but even smaller! These armless accent chairs are perfect for even the smallest spaces that need some extra seating space and can also be used as dining chairs in the dining room.
  • Wingback chair: Wingback chairs are very versatile chairs that work well in both traditional and glam rooms. These chairs feature armrests and a tall, winged back.
  • Bergère: A bergère chair is a French style that features an exposed wooden frame with an upholstered seat cushion and bottom. This elegant piece of furniture will spice up the vibe in any space.
  • Barrel chair: A barrel chair is a unique chair that is shaped like a barrel with a high backrest, high arms, and wood legs. These are leather upholstered chairs that are well-padded to make it a really comfortable chair great for home offices.
  • Lounge chair: A lounge chair has a slanted back and a footrest that is either built-in or stands alone. For small spaces, lounge chair recliners with a built-in footrest are ideal so that you don’t have to worry about the footrest wasting valuable space. Some even have a swivel feature! These chair features make them great places to sit back and relax, read, and put your feet up.
  • Club chair: Club chairs have a very traditional look with deep plush seating, high arms, nailhead trim, and tufted leather upholstery. A club chair is a great option for cozy living room seating, a reading nook, or even as an office chair.
  • Parsons chair: Parsons chairs are very small accent chairs that work wherever and however you want! They are very low-profile, making them a great option for dining tables and small spaces.


While some chair types are more associated with certain styles than others, you will still find that you can buy different types of chairs in a variety of different styles to fit your space. So once you have figured out the general type of chair that you want, you need to decide what style to go with.

One general rule of thumb is that the style should go well with the other pieces in the room as well as the style of your home in general. For example, if you have a really boho styled home, you might not want to get a more traditional leather club chair. That being said, there is some room to mix and match within styles! The great thing about accent chairs is that they can be a little bit different so don’t be afraid to be bold – just make sure that it works with the overall space. Here are some of the different styles of accent chairs that you should consider:

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Rustic
  • Cottage/country
  • Mid-century modern
  • Industrial
  • Scandinavian


Accent chairs are a great way to add a pop of color to any space. They are also a great way to incorporate patterns as well! Either way, look for colors and patterns that complement your existing pieces to give your room more personality. Of course, accent chairs don’t have to feature bold colors and patterns. In fact, if you have a more minimalist home decor style then it’s definitely possible to just get a neutral colored solid accent chair and still have it add dimension and depth to the living space.

Make sure to keep in mind the color scheme that matches the style of the rest of the room:

  • Light greys, off whites, and bold colors for a formal modern lifestyle
  • Whites, beiges, and natural tones for a casual natural lifestyle
  • Stones, greys, and bolds for an urban industrial lifestyle


The material for an accent chair might be an easy thing to overlook when you are also thinking about size, type, style, and color but the material is just as important! You obviously want a chair that is comfy and that people will actually want to sit in. Otherwise, it’s totally worthless. A good rule of thumb is that the material of your accent chair should go along with the material of your sofa and/or loveseat – but there is a little wiggle room here. Some of the best cushioning materials for accent chairs include:

  • Leather
  • Faux leather
  • Polyester blend
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Velvet
  • Silk

Make sure to keep in mind the durability and maintenance of any accent chair material that you choose. If the chair will be used on a regular basis, pick a durable fabric like linen. If it’s mostly decorative then you can go with something like silk.


Even though you might already have a good idea of where you want to place your accent chair, it’s important to consider the layout of the whole room before you buy a piece. Just because you need a better seating arrangement doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work where you want it to.

  • Most of the time accent chairs go in living rooms. So you will need to arrange your living room furniture in a way that promotes flow and conversation. The best way to do this is to place your sofa on the far side of the room, probably against the wall. Then, place a coffee table in front of the sofa, add an accent chair or two either across from the sofa or to one side (depending on the layout of your space). Anchor all of the pieces together with a nice area rug and add in extra design elements like side tables and lamps to finish off the space.
  • Accent chairs can also go into other spaces like bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, bathrooms, and even hallways! They are a great way to fill up awkward empty corners with something cozy, stylish, and functional. What could be better?


Just because you have found your perfect accent chair doesn’t mean that you just place it and forget about it! To really make an accent chair work in a room, you will need to style it correctly through interior design. So don’t forget to add relevant style details and accessories around your new seating to include things like throw pillows, throw blankets, side tables, lamps, stools, and ottomans. These stylish additions don’t just help your room look better – but it will function better too now that your guests will be able to put their drinks down on the side table, put their feet up on the stool, or curl up with a cozy blanket.

Overall, there are so many different things that you need to consider when shopping for an accent chair for small spaces. Ranging from size to type, to style, color, material, and placement – it’s no easy task! However, the process can be simplified when you really take the time to consider the usage and style of your space, which comes easily when building your room within one of our collections. With a variety of different styles, features, and fabrics – you are bound to find an accent chair that you love, and that works with your small space.