9 Tips for Styling Your New Bedroom

Styling your new bedroom is exciting because it seems so full of possibilities. You finally have the chance to makeover your bedroom into your dream oasis. But there are just so many home design and design styles to choose from! Deciding which way to go is up to you so that you can make your dreams a reality. Your bedroom is a personal retreat that allows you to refresh and unwind, so it is a room that is worth investing time and money into. Designing your bedroom should be a fun and creative experience, so you can use these nine tips below to make your experience much smoother.


Before you go out and start furniture shopping, you should start seeking out some home decor inspiration. Inspiration can come from many places including your surroundings and social media. Your surroundings are sometimes the perfect inspiration. For example, if you live in the New York Hamptons you may seek a coastal vibe to your home. Social media is also a great place to find room design inspiration since you can find almost anything you could imagine. Some popular social media sites that you may want to look for decorating ideas are Instagram and Pinterest. Groms social media allows you to be inspired by place, good taste, and social media. There are options to search for ideas based on the locations of Uptown, Downtown, and the Hamptons. You can even shop these styles which makes it super convenient for you to purchase exactly what you are inspired by. Once you have some inspiration based on the latest design trends, you are ready to start getting down to the smaller details.


Before you get too deep into your planning you will want to decide what type of mood you are going for when you style your bedroom. The mood of the room is how you want to feel when you are in it. Some ideas for mood are light and airy, romantic, calmness, energized, or luxury. Once you know how you want to feel, it is much simpler to decide all of the elements that will go into styling your bedroom. You may want to incorporate clean lines and greenery into your space to really make it an oasis. If you ever feel overwhelmed in the process of designing your bedroom, always look back on the mood to see if it is fitting your overall goal.

Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme for your room is a vital part of your design. Color actually has a very close tie to your mood, so choosing the right color is essential in achieving the mood you want to have. For example, red is commonly used for energy and passion, blue for calm and peace, green for soothing, purple for luxury, and yellow for happiness. Keep these in mind as you choose the color scheme for your room. Keep in mind that color should be incorporated with neutrals and can be matched with complementary colors. Complementary colors are those that are across from each other on the color wheel. These include orange and blue, purple and yellow, and red and green. In addition to complementary colors, different shades of the same color are great to match together. For example, varying shades of orange. Use color to your advantage to add interest and mood to your bedroom.


No one wants to have a boring room! Texture adds visible and tactile interest to a room. Texture is the way an item looks or feels. It may be soft, rough, bumpy, smooth, or silky. Textures are traditionally thought of in blankets, upholstery, or rugs, but they are also on solid surfaces like wood and metal. Everything has its own unique texture. These textures can also have an impact on mood. If you are going for a very soothing and calming bedroom you may choose textures that are soft or silky. Choosing two or three different textures for your room will help your room to feel interesting, but also cohesive. You can definitely use texture to your advantage when decorating a space.

Furniture Pieces

You will, of course, need to fill your room with furniture. You will need the essentials: a bed, dresser, and two nightstands. Depending on the size of your room you may have room for more furniture. When it comes to furniture there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Those are scale, style, and balance. Scale refers to making sure that your furniture is not too big or too small for the floorplan. This is especially true in small spaces like New York City or Los Angeles apartments. In places like NYC, your bedroom might also be your living room! So if the scale of your furniture is off, the whole room will seem disproportionate. If you are not purchasing furniture from the same collection you will want to make sure that it is cohesive and goes together with the style and color. Groms makes it easy by creating collections. You can choose any item in the collection and know that it will fit together. Finally, when purchasing items to place in a room you want to try your best to create symmetry in the room. Making your room symmetrical makes the room feel balanced and is something that makes rooms designed by an interior designer seem so amazing. Keeping all of these things in mind will help you to choose the furniture for your beautiful bedroom.


Lighting affects the whole feel of the room. Light consists of natural light from windows and skylights, and also synthetic lights from the lighting features placed inside your room. In a bedroom this may be a table lamp on your nightstand, a floor lamp in your reading nook, or wall sconces above your bed. Lighting creates a mood, so it should be chosen carefully with your mood in mind. For a bedroom you are typically looking to create a space that is relaxing, so you will want to choose a warmer toned light to create that ambience. Dimming lights are also helpful in setting a mood, you can have them bright in the daytime and dimmer when you are getting ready to settle down for the evening. Do your best to choose lighting that suits your space.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a simple way to elevate your bedroom. Drapes can either be sheer or opaque depending on your needs and desires. If you want a lot of natural light, choosing a sheer paneled curtain is a great way to add a finishing touch on your bedroom without sacrificing your natural light. On the other hand, if you want a little extra privacy and a way to darken your room during the day, opaque curtains are the perfect option for you. In addition to being stylistic and functional, curtains add a vertical line to your space which draws your eyes up and makes your room seem taller. Window treatments are an essential part of interior design but are especially helpful in rooms that have lower ceilings.


On top of being beautiful, your bedroom also has to be functional. This means storage, storage, storage! Fortunately, nowadays storage does not have to be an ugly plastic storage bin. Storage is now incorporated into carefully designed furniture like the shelves and cabinets from Groms. Keep in mind that you do not have to forego aesthetics for storage capacity.


Of course, how your bedroom looks are a priority, but it is where you sleep so comfort is the number one most important thing when it comes to your bedroom. Comfort truly comes into your bedroom with your rugs and bedding. There is nothing better than a big fluffy bed that is just like a cloud, or a shag rug that is soft between your toes. The cozy comfort that comes with lush textiles is what allows you to truly relax and feel refreshed for your next busy day. When it comes to the comfort of your room it is not an area to skimp on. Do everything in your power to make your room as comfy as a cloud and you surely will not be disappointed.

Design Board

A design board is a place either virtually or on a physical board that you can have photos, swatches, fabrics, and other design elements of your room in one place. You can print out pictures of the items you have chosen and paste them on a board. You may also prefer to make this virtually on a Pinterest board or copy and pasting it into a document. You could also cut out pictures from an interior design magazine. Being able to see all of your design ideas in one place can help you to make sure that your design is cohesive and gives the feeling or theme that you are going for. Before you make the big step of putting it all together you can see it all together in person. Putting your room together without a design board could result in disappointment and an unaesthetic room. Save yourself the trouble and use a design board to put your vision together once you have ironed out all of the details. 

Use our Interactive Showroom to quickly select the major items and feautures of your bedroom. You can browse products and drectly see how they work together in relative scale and select various floors and wall colors.

Once you have finalized your design for your bedroom, you are all set to put together your room and finally see the vision you have been working for coming to life. There is nothing like putting your room together from your design board. Then you get to go to sleep in your comfy bed and wake up in that beautiful room the next morning. Enjoy the process of designing your bedroom, your hard work will pay off and it is something that you will appreciate every day.