Groms is a digital furniture boutique offering timeless designer furniture. We help our customers decorate homes with high-end, personal looks that they love for years to come. You can shop like an interior designer with Groms, getting inspiration from our showrooms and using our shop-the-room technology to create your own designs and see what pieces work together.

Our Story

The idea of starting Groms grew out of our own customer experience as frequent movers. We had completed several decorating projects, with and without interior designers, but faced the same problems over and over again: a) Too many product choices left us overwhelmed, b) many products did not work as well as expected together, and c) unnecessary energy, time and money were spent. 

We concluded there must be a better way to decorate a home! So, we left our corporate careers to change the way people buy furniture. First, we meticulously selected the best furniture designers and manufacturers from around the world to ensure our products consistently meet the highest expectations. We selected products with timeless designs and organized them into three distinctive lifestyle collections to simplify the browsing experience. Finally, we took the basic mood board tool, used by interiors designers, and turned this into the Interactive Showroom which enables customers to see how well products work together in scale, color and finish with a few clicks before they order.

Groms is a fast-growing family company founded in New York City and based in Miami. We are passionate about offering a limited selection of timeless designer furniture and support our customers as they create beautiful homes of their own personal style.

The Founder Team

Joakim Mellander, Founder and President

Background: Management Consulting

Brings: Design, strategy and technology mindset

Favorite space and product: The dining room where you hang out with family and friends and the sideboard because it serves a dual purpose

Fun Fact: Started building furniture pieces at the age of 10 years


Polina Kutaeva, Co-founder and Head of Customer Operations

Background: Executive Search

Brings: Design, communication and people mindset

Favorite space and product: The bedroom where you can get piece of mind and the chandelier that is the jewel of a room

Fun Fact: Started out as a TV journalist with an eye for beauty


We and our team are committed to providing the best customer experience in the market

Joakim Mellander and Polina Kutaeva, Co-Founders

Our Home Collections

Our Home Collections

We offer three lifestyle collections of furniture, lighting, rugs and décor, working closely with a select few of the best manufacturers in the world.

Uptown: Formal living with a modern touch. Our most exclusive collection with timeless aesthetics. This collection is influenced by classical architecture and modern interior design, focusing on symmetry, sophistication and skilled craftsmanship.

Downtown: Urban living with mid-century influence. Downtown is our most popular collection with warm contrasting materials, strong geometric forms and a vivid color palette.

Hamptons: Casual living with coastal inspiration. Hamptons is characterized by a light color palette, luxurious upholstery and an emphasis on natural materials.

We have singled out a few of our most exclusive pieces and branded them with our Iconic label. These products represent our top-of-the-line, and are meant to be conversation pieces with exclusive and exceptionally eye-catching designs.

Our Customer Experience

As a digital brand, we also offer the following features to create the most personalized, enjoyable and successful experience possible from the comfort of home.

  • The Interactive Showroom, allowing you to see how products work together in a digital showroom. A great way to shop like an interior designer and find products that will create a great personalized space
  • Product Use and Comfort Ratings by our experts to help you select pieces that meets your expectations
  • Product Advisors dedicated to answering any questions you have, whether it’s product information or design advice
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee to reduce the risk of purchase

Ultimately, our goal is that you create the perfect home. So, go ahead and start selecting pieces and experience what it’s like to enjoy furniture shopping. And, yes, you may have a cocktail at the same time.



Polina and Joakim

Groms Founders

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