Home Design. Reimagined.

Groms was founded by frequent movers who, living in New York City, learned how difficult it is to furnish a personalized space with a high-end look. Hours of shopping, sifting through endless catalogs, transporting it home, all to make compromises or end up returning it.

We aim to change that, making it easy to create a home you’ll love and be proud of. And here’s how we’ve achieved that…

For over two years we’ve worked with world-renowned designers and manufacturers to ensure stylish pieces that meet even the highest expectations. Drawing inspiration from current trends and timeless staples, we are on a constant quest to refresh our collections as well.

Creating the perfect space, however, is impossible with hours of searching standing in the way. That’s why we make it easy with three distinct lifestyle collections:

  • Uptown: Formal living with a modern touch. Our most exclusive collection with timeless aesthetics. This collection is influenced by classical architecture and modern interior design, focusing on symmetry, sophistication and skilled craftsmanship. Our Uptown collection contains most of our unique, made-to-order products as well as our Iconic pieces, which are our top-of-the-line luxury furniture. The products in this collection are highly-tailored, made using refined materials and high-quality finishes. If you are drawn to sleek and formal design, Uptown is the collection for you.
  • Downtown: Urban living with mid-century influence. Downtown is our most popular collection with warm contrasting materials, strong geometric forms and a vivid color palette. This collection is influenced by urban architecture and mid-century modern interior design. Artistic and industrial accents are scattered throughout this collection to add character and charm to your interior. If you are drawn to timeless eclectic design and moody interiors, Downtown is the collection for you.
  • Hamptons: Casual living with coastal inspiration. Hamptons is our high-end collection with a light color palette, luxurious upholstery and an emphasis on natural materials. This collection is influenced by coastal architecture and includes an abundance of natural materials, like wood and stone combined with other organic textures to bring the outside in. The Hamptons collection contains most of our made-to-order upholstered seating as well as exclusive, one-of-a-kind natural pieces to create inviting interiors that embrace relaxation and comfort. Here you will also find our sustainable and FSC-certified furniture. If you are drawn to casual luxury and light and airy interiors, Hamptons is the collection for you.

Some of our pieces defy classification. These pieces are labeled Iconic, and with good reason. Top-of-the-line, exclusive and exceptionally eye-catching, these pieces spark conversation no matter the spaces they occupy.

As a digital brand, we also offer the following features to create the most personalized, enjoyable and successful experience possible from the comfort of home.

  • Products rigorously tested against high standards of quality and design.
  • The Virtual Gallery, allowing you to see products in a digital showroom. Coming soon you will be able to create your own spaces.
  • Comfort ratings tested and provided by our expert staff.
  • Product use ratings tested and provided by our expert staff to let you know whether the piece you have selected is for everyday use or special occasions based on materials and construction.
  • Material and upholstery swatches, letting you feel it and match it before ever placing an order.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee to try your product in-home with no risks or headaches.
  • Product Advisors dedicated to answering any questions you have, whether it’s material sourcing or just a second opinion.

Ultimately, our goal is for you to be as passionate as we are about designing and creating the perfect home. So go ahead, start selecting pieces and experience what it’s like to enjoy furniture shopping once again.


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