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Groms offers modern design and quality that will last. We partner with the best manufacturers, using quality craftmanship and materials, so you get value for money. Our home collections are limited to products that pass our high standards for style, quality, price and customer engagement.

This makes it easy to find great pieces for your home.

Mix & Match

The best interiors are created when focus is on the space, not the product.

Find inspiration in our stylish showrooms. Create your own look in a few clicks with our unique Mix & Match technology. You will be surprised how easy it is to see what works well together! (You may even think that it's better to search products here than on the regular listing pages.)

If you want more assistance, our design team is happy to help you design interiors for your unique spaces.

Luxury Look for Less

Our shopping experience is designed to help you find great pieces, visualize how they work together, before you bring them home, and, ultimately, love the look of your home.

Shipping is a large part of the overall cost of furniture. Larger orders and less returns lead to lower shipping costs. We pass on these savings to you with our pricing and volume discounts. Buy more and save more. 

That’s why you get “luxury looks for less” with Groms.

Design services

Want to get ideas on what products would look great in your space?

Idea Boards (Free)

  • Share images of your space
  • Tell us about your vision
  • We provide idea boards visualizing optional products in your space
  • Let’s discuss what you like and find the best product choices for you

Boards and Floor Plans ($99)

  • Idea boards and floor planning (1 room)
  • Additional interior design services as agreed

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